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Welcome to our ADHD Information Page. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children is a chronic medical condition requiring an evidence based process for diagnosis and management. At Twin City Pediatrics, we have developed a system to address ADHD using the most comprehensive and up-to-date research available.

Our system is based on the following resources:

  1. Caring for Children with ADHD: A Resource Toolkit for Clinicians (2nd Edition)
  2. Institute for Clinical Improvement ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Primary Care for School-Age Children and Adolescents, Diagnosis and Management (Guideline) - See

ADHD Services & Parental Responsibilities

Services we provide:

  1. Related to diagnosis: information gathering from parents and teachers, diagnostic appointment scheduling with their child's primary physician. This process takes up to 3 weeks after the parent makes the initial contact with the office or longer if the paperwork from the school is delayed.
  2. Related to medication check appointments: scheduling fall and spring med check visits as well as additional visits as necessary to provide medication management.
  3. Related to medication refills: refills provided within 5 business days of request
  4. Related to referrals: if your child's physician recommends a referral to a mental health specialist (counselor or psychiatrist), it may take up to 2 weeks for us to call you back with an appointment. Many mental health specialists require parents to call to make appointments. Our goal is to refer your child to a mental health provider who would be a good match for your child, takes your insurance, and is in a location that is convenient for you.

Parents are responsible for the following:

  1. Bringing your child to the appointments. If you miss a scheduled appointment for an ADHD visit, you are responsible for calling to reschedule that appointment. Your child will not be given a prescription for additional medication until you have come for their med check.
  2. Calling in 5 days in advance for medication refills. When your child needs refills on medication but is not due for a visit, you must allow 5 business days for medication refills.
  3. Regarding referrals. If we refer your child to an outside mental health provider, you are responsible for following through with that appointment. This may require you to discuss the matter with your insurance company or the mental health provider's office