March 19, 2020

Video Visit Instructions!

We currently have the option to video-conference and allow for communication with patients in many different locations. 

Our staff will make an appointment on the schedule for the video visit, and the associated fee has been waived due to the current COVID-19 situation. 

To complete a video visit, parents must have a Novant Health MyChart account. 

15 minutes prior to the appointment time, the patient will need to log-on to MyChart and click the "Visits" icon and then the "Appointments and Visits" icon. 

After locating the appointment time and date, the patient can then complete the ECheck-in process. They will be provided a link to download the Zoom app onto a mobile phone or laptop/desktop. Zoom is required in order to complete the video visit. 

ECheck-in involves multiple steps such as confirming allergies, medications, and pharmacy. Parents will be asked about billing, and must select Bill to insurance. One of the last steps is signing a HIPAA form to finish check in. 

After ECheck-in, the patient then initiates the appointment by clicking the details button under the "Visit" tab. This will open the MyChart Video Visit page.

Then the patient will need to click on the Start the Video Visit button in MyChart, and this will open the Zoom app. The video will start, and you will then wait for the provider to connect. When the provider connects, you will need to unmute your phone or computer and click use computer audio.