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Our Clinical Staff

As our patient, we can assure you that your child is receiving the best in primary health care. Meet our Clinical Staff:

Danielle Bancroft

Danielle Bancroft, MLT

My name is Danielle Bancroft. I am 28 years old and the proud mommy of two beautiful boys named DJ and Christian. I've had a long journey on my road to Twin City Pediatrics to include 7.5 years in the Navy as an active duty hospital corpsman as well as training in 2009 to become a medical laboratory technician which led to me graduating from George Washington University. I have been to San Diego, CA, Great Lakes, IL, Charleston, SC and Maryland for duty stations along my journey. I decided to get off active duty in 2013 and come home to Winston Salem, NC. I bought my first house that year which was very exciting! I decided to stay in the Navy Reserves to keep my military affiliation going in hopes of one day becoming a Naval Reserve Officer. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's in Clinical Lab Sciences at Winston Salem State University to become a Medical Lab Scientist. In my free time, I am most likely doing school work, at drill, or spending time with my two boys or family. This first year back home has definitely had its ups and downs, and I am so thankful to have had the team here whom I now refer to as my second family to see me through it. Twin City Pediatrics never had a lab tech before me and I am delighted to be the first!  I look forward to serving you and your children in the future with any laboratory needs!