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Our Clinical Staff

As our patient, we can assure you that your child is receiving the best in primary health care. Meet our Clinical Staff:

Emma Trapp

Emma Trapp, Scribe

I am originally from Springfield Illinois, and lived there my entire life before going to college at Wake Forest University. During my college career I was lucky enough to go abroad twice. The first time studying in Venice, Italy and the second time in Berlin, Germany.  I recently graduated Wake Forest with a double major in Health and Exercise Science and German, and a minor in chemistry. I love working with kids, and was a volunteer and coach for the after school program 'Crazy Running'.  I enjoy reading the newspaper, running, shopping, being outdoors and traveling!

I am exploring different medical professions while working at TCP. I went into college, thinking that medical school was the path I wanted to take, but in the last couple of years I have found other health careers that I am interested in. Being at TCP is the perfect place for me, because I get to work in the field of medicine that I am most interested in, pediatrics, learn valuable medical terminology and practical skills, and understand how physicians interact with patients and parents! One of my goals while working at TCP is to observe patient care, and learn how to help and understand every patient that comes in. I am also excited about learning symptoms, and utilizing those symptoms to form a diagnosis.