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Our Clinical Staff

As our patient, we can assure you that your child is receiving the best in primary health care. Meet our Clinical Staff:

Kathryn Kennedy

Kathryn Kennedy, Scribe

My name is Kathryn Kennedy and I am a recent graduate of Wake Forest University where I majored in English and minored in Chemistry and Biology. I grew up in Charlotte, NC but spent many holidays visiting family here in Winston-Salem and am looking forward to another year close by! I am planning on applying to medical school and am so excited to work as a medical scribe at Twin City Pediatrics as my first job after graduation. I have always loved working with kids, as a camp counselor and a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters and cannot wait for this new adventure! When I'm not working, I enjoy reading, traveling, running, and spending time outdoors and at the lake.

I think that working at TCP will give me the hands-on experience that I need to truly understand what it means to be a Pediatrician (my goal for the future) and help me learn medical terminology and diagnoses. I am most nervous about grasping the computer technology and moving quickly with scribing, but I know that everyone will be helpful and once I get the hang of things it will become routine. I am most excited to see an inside look into the medical world and get to know all of the families and children at TPC!

I love art history and could wander around museums for hours! I took a few classes at Wake but always wished I could have fit in an art history minor as well. I would love to travel to Italy one day!