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Prenatal Visits

Welcome to Twin City Pediatrics! We are excited and honored that you are considering Twin City Peds for your future pediatric healthcare needs. It is always special for us to be invited by new parents to join in the care of a new baby. Watching a baby grow and develop into a wonderful child is one of the primary reasons that we all feel privileged to work in pediatrics. The doctors at Twin City Peds offer complimentary prenatal visits several times per month to meet expectant parents and answer any questions you may have.  At your visit, you will take a brief tour of our office and have an opportunity to meet with one of our pediatricians. This meeting is an opportunity for you to get to know more about the physician who may be caring for your child for the next 18-22 years.

Bring a pad and paper! Topics you may wish to discuss at your visit include the following:

  1. Mother's Obstetrical & Prenatal History
  2. Newborn Screening Tests while at the Hospital
  3. Advantages & Disadvantages of Breastfeeding vs Formula
  4. Circumcision options
  5. Well check up schedule
  6. The Importance of Immunizations 
  7. Safety and anticipatory guidance including:
    • car seats
    • smoking
    • supine sleeping position to prevent SIDS
    • appropriate crib accessories
  8. After Hours & Emergency Contact Information

We want to Meet You!  Call our office to schedule your complimentary prenatal visit.

Happiest Baby on the Block Classes

Calming a crying baby. Is it magic? No, it's a reflex!
Join Dr. Stephanie Forrest and Whitney Ewing, PNP to learn about the Happiest Baby on the Block's approach to keep your baby happy. In our class, new and expecting parents will learn how to help their baby sleep better and how to soothe even the fussiest baby in minutes - sometimes in seconds!

You will get hands-on training on topics such as:

  • The missing fourth trimester: It may sound odd, but many babies cry because, in an important way, they're born three months too soon.
  • The calming reflex: All babies are born with a virtual "off switch" to crying.
  • The five S's: Learn the 5 simple techniques to activate the calming reflex.

Event details

  • Cost: $25 per couple
  •  Includes "Happiest Baby on the Block" parenting DVD, soothing sounds CD and swaddling blanket
  • Taught by certified educators for the Happiest Baby on the Block

Registration is required as class space is limited.